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Benefits of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads present a unique advertising opportunity, unlike other ad platforms. These ads look more like organic posts that users don't necessarily realize they are being marketed to. One of the unique aspects of Pinterest ads is that users can save the ads as organic pins, which becomes free marketing for your business. People go to Pinterest for a variety of reasons, one of which is to be inspired. Through the visual nature of the platform, you can create ads that are relevant, interesting and visually appealing to users. Which can increase brand awareness and trust among your target audience, and guide users into your sales funnel.

Reach up to 200 million users on Pinterest.

75% of weekly Pinterest users say they’re always shopping online (meaning they are an audience ready to buy).

70% of users claim that Pinterest is where they go to find new products, ideas or services they can trust.

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Our Pinterest Ads Expertise

Our team of designers and advertisers can help create appealing ads/posts, bringing left and right brain thinking to a highly design-inspired platform for your business and brand. Aesthetics are highly critical on the Pinterest platform. This is why using a holistic approach for ad copy & design and landing pages, bring in actual conversions. Musimack Marketing will get in-depth with your target audience and put a lot of thought into reaching your ideal customer.

How Pinterest Ads Work:

Pinterest ads are regular pins that are sponsored (paid for) in order to get shown priority placement to your target audience. Ads or “paid pins” come in 5 main formats: static image (most popular) carousal, video pin ads, shopping ads, and app download ads. Each ad format has certain campaign objectives that you can choose from. These include brand awareness, video views, traffic conversions, and catalog sales. There are a few different placements of the ads, which include the user's homepage (which is filled with pins that are relevant to their search history and pins), search results and more. Effective Pinterest ad campaigns match users with ads and content that they are interested in.
You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad
Show relevant ads based on keywords users are searching
Increase conversion rate by showing users specific landing pages

Pinterest Ad Types:

Standard pins

These ads are the most popular pin types and come in vertical and square image formats, and link to a landing page on your website.

Carousel Image Pins

Similar to standard pins, but offer the chance to show multiple photos or videos in “frames.” Each frame can link to a separate landing page, making it a dynamic ad choice.

Video Pin Ads

These ads are similar to standard pins but with a video as opposed to a static ad.

Shopping Pins

These ads are great for eCommerce stores or for businesses that sell physical products. In order to run these ads, a Pinterest product catalog needs to be set up.

App Install Pins

Specifically geared toward app downloads, these ads are linked to a Google Play or Apple Store page where users can download your app.
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Our Pinterest Ads Buildout Process

1. Research

We research both your business and your industry to gain insight for the campaign buildouts. This includes interviewing you, the business owner, for internal data as well as conducting quantitative research on your overall industry.

2. Buildout

After research, we spend time building out the Pinterest Ads campaigns based on your business goals and our research. This includes setting the strategic ad targeting, the daily budget, ad placements, ad creation and more.

3. Landing Page Creation

Part of our “buildout” phase is landing page design and development. Our team uses modern user experience (UX) practices to craft high-performing landing pages built to convert and increase brand awareness.

4. Launch

After our team builds out the campaigns and landing pages, we launch the account for the world to see.

5. Report & Analyze

After the campaigns run for a month, we begin analyzing the data to look for improvements. We also create in-depth metric reports each month so you can see the status of the account performance.

6. Ongoing Strategy

We are not a “set it and forget it” marketing agency. Digital campaigns take ongoing strategy to perform at high levels. Our team is monitoring your account multiple times a week, and creates new strategy points on a monthly basis.

Build Landing Pages For Conversion

One of the most important (if not the most important) of any digital ad campaign is the landing pages. An effective landing page needs to be targeted, specific and relevant to the product or service that you are advertising. In fact, major channels like Google and Facebook will charge more for advertising costs if your landing page is not specific to your product or service. Another aspect is making sure that your landing pages are optimized for mobile, providing a good experience to your users. Our team creates custom and specific landing pages for your ad campaigns built to convert, ensuring a great user experience.
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Know How your Campaigns Are Performing With In-Depth Reporting

Know exactly how your Pinterest ads perform with our in-depth monthly reports. Track and compare performance metrics that are most meaningful to your business. We can also schedule monthly calls to go over the reports and strategy points.

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