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Why website analytics matter?

Are you effectively using your website to target the right customers? Website analytics can give you insight into how your website is performing - both in areas that are doing well, and for areas that need improvement.
We use analytics to report on:
Who your target users are
How they are interacting with your website or landing pages
User journeys
Web traffic sources
Trends and key performance indicators
Traffic growth and decline
Using this data, we can create strategies that can lead to results for your business and an increase in website performance. Your website data does not need to be a mystery any longer. Put your data to work with in-depth website analytics

We are web analytic experts

Simply put, our team loves analyzing website data in order to empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our goal is for businesses to know exactly where they stand with their data so it can give them a roadmap of how to get to their website goals. With years of experience with data analysis, we know which key performance indicators to look for, and how to explain data in an easy to understand language (not robot, tech speak). Our aim is to inform and not to confuse. We take a holistic approach when it comes to data analysis, looking at multiple data sources to get a full picture of what is going on, not just a single source. We can then build a website and content strategy based on the data and your business goals.

Web Data Assessment

When starting to work with a client, we start by assessing their data from multiple vantage points using robust analytical tools. This gives us a reference point to be able to analyze the current status of their data and how we can establish a roadmap to get them where they want to go. We conduct data analysis for a variety of situations, whether that’s developing a pay-per-click campaign, making on-page SEO content changes, improving UX/UI on your website and more.

Tools used to analyze data

In-depth Google analytics Reports

Know exactly how your website is performing with in-depth Google analytic reports.
google analytic metric report graphic | Musimack Marketing
websute analytical report | Musimack Marketing

Combined data analytic reports (multiple sources)

Get a full picture of how your website is performing with reports that pull data from different sources.

User Behavior Heatmapping Reports

These reports show how users are interacting with your webpages. This data can help make informed decisions on how to layout webpages in effective ways.
user behavior heatmap | Musimack Marketing | Web analytics
local seo chart | Musimack Marketing

Local SEO mapping & reporting

If your business operates locally, then acquiring local web traffic can be essential for business growth. Our local SEO reports will show you where your website is ranking locally for relevant search terms.

Digital advertising campaign metric analysis

These reports are focused on data and KPI's for digital advertising campaigns. Know how your campaigns are performing and how ad spend is being utilized with in-depth digital advertising reporting.
digital advertising analytic report | Musimack Marketing | web analytics

Don’t be in the dark any longer with your website data

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