Establish Greater Online Visibility Over Your Competition with Local SEO

Get More Out Of Your Local SEO

Build Google Authority

Rank higher than your competitors in organic Google search results with fine tuned Search Engine Optimization. SEO will build Google authority for your brand to expand your online visibility and increase traffic to your website.

Local Dominance

Show off your business in general search results through the Google Maps 3-pack with specifically targeted Local SEO. Today, more than half of internet searches have local intent. If you serve customers at your physical storefront or office, or provide a service to a local service area, then you can benefit from Local SEO. Building a business starts in your neighborhood, where your competitive position matters most.

The Right Place At The Right Time

In our digital world, nothing is more important to your business than visibility in the local business listings — the modern day yellow pages. Appearing in the Google Maps 3-pack is critical to getting discovered by consumers at the moment they are ready to buy.

Competitive positioning in the Google Maps 3-Pack is influenced by these core factors

The distance of the user to the location of the business. Is the business close enough to the searcher to be considered to be a good answer for this query?
How well a local business’s profile matches the search query. Does this business do or sell or have the attributes that the searcher is looking for?
How well-known and well-liked is the business. Which businesses are the most popular and the most well regarded in their local market area?
Google Business Profile (GBP) Updates
How often you update your GBP with quality content. Are you regularly updating the photo gallery with new photos & videos, and also posting offers, events, news & relevant information to your profile?

Local SEO Strategy

Track how you are ranking in the Google Maps 3-pack with an accuracy of 0.1 miles from your location using advanced ranking tools. In today’s crowded marketplace, it is vitally important to rank above your competitors on search listings. The knowledge of your rank position will allow implementation of a sound strategy to increase your business’ rankings to a more competitive position.
Local SEO strategy will help improve your status in the Google Maps 3-pack, focused on optimizing these key areas:
Google Business Profile
Social Media Marketing
Blog Writing, Editing & SEO
Website Content/SEO

Flexible Resources & Support

Depending on your resources of time and budget, we can provide consulting on Local SEO for a D.I.Y. approach, or offer full-service strategy and implementation — or a hybrid of both. We’re here to support you in whichever way best suits your business goals and work style.

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