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Increase brand awareness and improve brand loyalty with an effective social media marketing strategy and content management services.
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The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence provides a variety of benefits for your business including increased brand awareness and exposure, opportunity to promote new and existing products or services, engagement with current and prospective customers, improved search engine optimization (SEO), and ultimately, increased traffic to your website.

Expand Your Reach

Well-timed, well-crafted social media content allows you to reach a wider audience in an efficient and effective manner.

Increase Engagement

Compelling and consistent social media posts will help you build community and increase engagement with your audience.

Save Time

Compelling and consistent social media posts will help you build community and increase engagement with your audience.

Social Media Setup & Optimization

Receive a one-time social media setup & optimization package to establish a strong foundation for success. Your social media channels will be audited and evaluated against our Signature 70-point Social Media Optimization Checklist to implement best practices for showcasing your brand.
Let's collaborate to:
Develop a consistent brand identity across all channels with continuity among logos/images and marketing message
Craft a compelling elevator pitch to clearly and succinctly define your brand’s ideal customer and unique benefit
Complete all contact information

Social Media Management

Our ongoing social media management package is designed to maximize your social effectiveness with increased reach and engagement among your target audience.

We’ll collaborate with you in these key areas:

1. Content Strategy

Develop an editorial calendar with a consistent posting schedule which outlines what to post and when to post.

2. Messaging

Craft compelling content targeted to your ideal client.

3. Image Design

Create custom images; both still and animated.

4. Tagging

Tag relevant mentions and determine effective hashtags to increase reach.

5. Research

Perform competitor research to maintain a competitive edge.

6. Reviews

Monitor and respond to user reviews and comments.

7. Analytics

Combine a variety of native and third-party analytics tracking sources to produce monthly performance reports & analysis.

8. Administration

Manage users and permissions.

are overwhelmed by the concept of managing your brand’s social media presence?

Give us a call today to get started with your personalized social media marketing program. Our social media packages are custom built to your desired level of support.

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